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Calvinus beer

Since I moved to Fribourg I’ve been trying out a lot of new cool beers. They have a lot of really GOOD beers that I never heard of before, plus the imported beers are very cheap for some particular reason.

Homer’s duff (which is brewed in Germany) is really popular and I quite enjoy it.

A local beer that I tried lately though is Calvinus, apparently it’s brewed in Geneve.




It comes in two types – white Calvinus “biere blanche” which is AMAZING. It has the pure, clean, particular white beer taste plus a really natural and original flavor and aftertaste on top of it. You can feel that it’s an artisanal brewed beer.

The other one is Calvinus “blonde bio”. It’s very good as well, one of the best blonde beers I’ve had – they mention it’s unfiltered but that’s not obvious when drinking it.

Anyway, really excited about Swiss beers and would strongly recommend a Calvinus if you find it in Switzerland (I heard it’s available in some other countries as well).