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Amira & Sam

Here’s a trailer for what seems to be a very promising movie. I’m also a huge Martin Starr fan, so can’t wait to watch it.

Perfect Day

Laura Pascalache

easyJet, the experience

I recently traveled to London using easyJet. I was amazed by the low price (less than 160 CHF for two people) so I decided I go for it.

To have the full experience, I choose easyBus, as the shuttle service from and to the Gatwick airport (also very cheap, around 30 GBP for two people, both ways).

Needless to say, it was everything I imagined and more. The flight on the way there was OK(ish), I had the WORSE coffee in my life – I bought a cup of coffee and received some hot water and a teabag full of coffee :-). You actually had to make your own coffee :-)! In Gatwick, we waited 1 hour until the easyBus arrived, and the ride was eye-watering, my wife almost puked in the bus.

The way back was another adventure. There was an accident on M25, and although it was announced for like one hour before we left London, the driver took the highway anyway and we got stuck in traffic for 2 hours. Of course, we missed our flight and had to pay 120 GBP to get on a next one, with a different destination (Geneva instead of Basel).

The rebooked flight had a 1h30 delay and after more than 13h from leaving London, we arrived home :-).

Here’s a nice image from the airplane, on the way back.


One of the best songs I listened to recently