Ed TV Series

Ed TV show

I recently reunited with the TV series I loved most during high-school. I remember coming back from a 1 hour commute from high-school, dropping my backpack on the floor, lying on the bed in my parents’ bedroom where the big TV was :-), turning it on the Hallmark channel and watching Ed.

The thing I loved most was the coziness of the show. The small, dull town Stuckeyville – much like the one I grew up in – the theme song, and especially the high-school themes in the show, all made me feel safe and nostalgic.
I remember when I watched it back then I was thinking of how I’ll end up being 10 years from then and how sad I’ll feel about not being in high-school again, watching Ed in my parents’ bedroom :-).

Ed was one of my heroes back then, his views on life were something very familiar to me, although different than mine. His way of being – over-thinking things, racing through ideas, finding life answers in day-to-day monotony – was something I admired. All the characters in the show are well defined, their connection and the dynamic off the show are very natural. Some of the characters are hilarious – see Warren P Cheswick (played by Justin Long, who was just a kid back then).

I didn’t realize it much back then, but a lot of aspects from the show are inspiring and stuck with me. Every episode has a nice short life lesson or morale, which I kinda always remember, even if unconsciously.

I always got back to this quote, especially in high-school when I was writing, and I recently found out I picked it up from the show. It goes something like this:

“A good writer must read a lot, remember what he read, and then forget where he read it from”.

If you want to watch the show, it’s on YouTube, here’s the first episode (you will find the rest in the related videos tab):

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