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October 2007 – July 2011, BCS degree, University “Politehnica”, Bucharest, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers

Graduated with a 3.5 cumulative GPA.

My bachelors thesis was “Kamailio distributed message queue bus”, and was graded with 9.8/10.

Current position

March 2012 – present, Google Inc. Senior Software Engineer

I work in the Youtube Commerce team, focusing on infrastructure design and development of our systems.

Prior Work Experience

July 2011 – November 2011, Google Inc. Software Engineer Intern

I worked within the Search Infrastructure team, on a project which involved improving the availability and discovery of public documents.

I worked with numerous famous Google technologies, such as BigTable, MapReduce, etc.

The main programming language I worked in was C++.

March 2010 – March 2012, 1&1 Internet A.G. C/C++ Linux Developer

I worked in internal back-end VoIP related projects which involved high-availability, clustering, data replication, etc. The main programming language was C, under UNIX environments.

  • I rewrote the whole voicemail system, which involved Kamailio changes/patches, Asterisk integration, custom multi-threaded Python scripts to send SIP PUBLISH notifications. The whole system is in production, serving millions of customers.
  • Designed and co-implemented a SIP location mechanism that offers geographical redundancy, failover and balancing.
  • Updated all the production systems to Kamailio 3.1 which involved rewriting patches, modules, and interfaces.
May 2010 – August 2011, Google Summer of Code 2010 participant

I participated in the “Google Summer of Code 2010” with the project “Conferences in Kamailio” for the Kamailio project. The project was successfully completed by the end of the summer and is now in production.

May 2009 – August 2009, Google Summer of Code 2009 participant

I participated in the “Google Summer of Code 2009” with the project “Python and PKIF”. It involved writing a python binding for the PKIF framework library using SWIG. The project was successfully completed by the end of the summer.

May 2008 – May 2009, Catavencu S.A. Web Developer

I wrote diverse web applications, such as,

The main programming languages I worked in were PHP, Javascript using technologies like Zend framework, jQuery, Prototype, etc.

I also worked on some Python and Bash scripts for back-end processing.

Open source contributions

Since March 2010, I have been an open source developer within the SIP Router project.        

My work includes adding new functionality, improving existing codebase, bug fixing. I wrote several new modules and patches some of which I will mention here.

  • I designed and wrote the presence_conference module, which added conference capability in Kamailio, according to RFC 4575.
  • I designed and wrote the dmq module added message passing functionality in Kamailio, using heartbeat mechanisms, possibility to unicast/broadcast messages, etc.
  • I added several patches to Kamailio’s presence module, that fixed some important bugs, added persistency to the subscriber data, and offered backward compatibility with some old CPEs.



  • Gold Medal at the “South Eastern European Mathematical Olympiad for University Students”, Cyprus, March 2009.
  • Third prize at the “National Scientific Research Contest” with the paper “Group Theory in the Analysis of Encryption Algorithms”, June 2008.
  • Bronze Medal at the “South Eastern European Mathematical Olympiad for University Students”, Athens, March 2008.
  • Third Prize at the “Best Linux Application 2010” contest, organized by IBM with the project “A pdf viewer for Dingux”, September 2010.
  • Won “Student of the Year, IT section” prize for exceptional activities and also coding a C++ LGPL Windows FTP account sharing application, April 2010.
  • Second prize at the “Cool Ideas” contest organized by Romtelecom Romania with the project “Building a speech-to-text engine for websites based on .NET technologies”, July 2011.
  • Won 2nd Prize at the “Cool Ideas” contest organized by Romtelecom Romania with the project “Building a SIP Softphone using LGPL libraries on top of VoceOnline© service”, September 2010.
  • During High school, I participated every year in the National Mathematics Olympiad, every time obtaining a silver medal. I participated in numerous national mathematics and informatics competitions, in which I won first and second prizes.

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