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De curand am aflat de o minunata initiativa, Salveaza o inima care reprezinta o platforma de donatii online.

Site-ul prezinta cauze impresionante, iar plata se poate face facil prin intermediul Mobilpay.

Calvinus beer

Since I moved to Fribourg I’ve been trying out a lot of new cool beers. They have a lot of really GOOD beers that I never heard of before, plus the imported beers are very cheap for some particular reason.

Homer’s duff (which is brewed in Germany) is really popular and I quite enjoy it.

A local beer that I tried lately though is Calvinus, apparently it’s brewed in Geneve.




It comes in two types – white Calvinus “biere blanche” which is AMAZING. It has the pure, clean, particular white beer taste plus a really natural and original flavor and aftertaste on top of it. You can feel that it’s an artisanal brewed beer.

The other one is Calvinus “blonde bio”. It’s very good as well, one of the best blonde beers I’ve had – they mention it’s unfiltered but that’s not obvious when drinking it.

Anyway, really excited about Swiss beers and would strongly recommend a Calvinus if you find it in Switzerland (I heard it’s available in some other countries as well).

Laura & Marius wedding

Here are the pictures to our wedding. We owe it all to our awesome photographer Marius Stoian:

once there was a hushpuppy

This is the most impressive and emotional trailer I’ve ever seen:

I still get goosebumps every time I watch it. After I saw it, I was afraid to watch the movie. Either because I feared it won’t be as good as the trailer, or because it would be too shocking.

The movie was as impressive as I expected, maybe more.

Weirdly familiar and real-life realistic scenes combined with surreal symbols and fantasies.

All the symbols, hints and senses in the movie point to the same thing, but couldn’t put my finger on it until my wife told me what she thought of the movie: the fears of a 6 year old amazing human being, fears which she puts behind her ideals and everything or everybody she loves, in her natural understanding of the world and everything that is around her.

A magical and amazing display of a little powerful soul fighting oryxes. This picture moves me every time I see it


why living in Paris sucks

only a few reasons why living in Paris really really sucks

  • bureaucracy – it took me one year to get a social security number after begging, fighting and threatening to sue. It took me two months to get a yearly cinema pass after I purchased it. It took me six months to get a residence permit.
  • people – people in France (at least in Paris) are quite condescending and have a highly unjustified arrogance – most of them lack basic school and social education but still have an urge to be ignorant and indifferent.
  • living standards – this is one of the hardest things to cope with in Paris – people are simply adjusted with a very low standard of living. The tiny tiny apartments in old, smelly and uncomfortable buildings, the noise that goes through the thin walls, the horrible smell of urine in the metro are just a few things that Parisians have to deal with every day – and got used to it a long time ago.
  • crowdedness – needless to say that although visiting Paris seems (probably is) fascinating, the day to day life in Paris is awful when you have to stand in line just to walk to the office because of the huge number of tourists.
  • taxes – yes, it is true – taxes in France are ridiculously high – see for more info.
  • living costs – living in France is crazy expensive. I pay 1100 EUR for a 35m2 studio. Going out on a Saturday night leaves you more than 100 EUR short, restaurants are expensive as well.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I probably had my share of difficulties with France (so I am a bit subjective) but please, think twice if you’re planning to relocate in the city of love. It’s not all pretty and nice (it’s actually the opposite).


I just left Paris/France and I can tell you even leaving the place is as horrible as moving in. I had to fight with my landlord to get her to setup a date when she can come to inspect the apartment – plus it seems like I might get my deposit back but only after two months. Apparently – that’s the law in France, the landlord can just hold your deposit for two more months after you leave :-|.

I wasn’t able to close my insurances yet (e.g. apartment insurance) they made me send some letters which they LOST a few weeks later.

I wasn’t able to close my edf (electricity) contract yet – they are still working on it.