breaking bad – what a ride

Recently a friend recommended me a new series, called “breaking bad”. While the pilot and the second episode will put you inside a macabre ride to insanity, inhuman-like feelings and thoughts, it is pretty hard to crawl out of that sensation and stop watching the rest of it.
With amazing play, extraordinary scenery and turn of events while keeping an amazingly realistic scenario, great soundtracks such as the one below, “breaking bad” really sticks out.

monk show is awesome

Not many people now about an ol’ TV show that started airing in 2002 on nbc. It’s called “Monk”.

It’s about a detective guy, Adrian Monk, having OCD and it’s brilliant.
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why chuck (tv series) sucks

Chuck is the cheesiest, corniest, most boring TV-show I have ever watched (and believe me, I love sitcoms, even the boring ones).
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around Paris…

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typing speed

De curand am dat peste acest site care-ti testeaza abilitatile dactilografice.
E destul de viral, eu am mers pana la a-mi crea un cont :-).

Typing Test